Wednesday, May 25, 2011

365 attempt 12332423545 - day 1

after speaking with a friend this weekend, i was inspired (yet again) to attempt another 365. i made a promise to myself though. i told myself that this time, i wouldn't photoshop the heck of my photos. this time will be different. this time, i will go all-natural and focus more on the content and meaning of the photo (i guess) then on muddying it up with photoshop gradients and random words that don't fit. this time, i particularly want to focus on perspective.

here's my first photo. my guitar. i purchased this one sunny afternoon, when i was stressed-out. have you ever encountered those stressful moments when anything and everything is on your mind except what you have to do? yep. that was what led me to purchase this. i love it though.

i purchased this used. it has small dings and scratches here and there, but i think that really adds to it and only makes me love it more. since i bought this in february, i've been practicing a little bit each day. sometimes for 3 to 4 hours straight! i've actually already lost feeling in my left finger-tips (calluses)! one day at work, i accidentally sliced a bit of skin off from my one of my finger tips (ring finger). it wasn't a deep or serious wound, it just completely took the skin off, no blood. and surprisingly.. no pain. yep!

my next objective is to learn how to transition smoothly from a chord to a barre chord and vice versa. well, i'm off to practice!